Jul 15, 2014 10:44 PM by Greg Dingrando

Flooding leads to long day of clean up

WOODLAND PARK - It was a long day of clean up in southern Colorado Tuesday, especially along I-24 heading into the mountains where flooding was yet again a big problem.

Flooding in front of the Wishing Well Motel happens on occasion, but this time it was worse then normal. They knew they had to bring in some heavy equipment and the plan was to use it in a slightly different way.

"Instead of just dirt, we're going to put stones up in the hole so we can pack it in there," said J.J. with the Wishing Well Motel.

And even cars are still able to cross on one side of the bridge, they're not waiting around.

"We need to get the hole filled in as quick as possible, especially to shore up the bridge because if anything comes again hard enough its just going to keep washing away. Then we won't have a bridge," said J.J.

In Chipita Park it was a different kind of clean up as water went rushing into at least one family's home, despite it being elevated.

"It flew right up over the dock and right in our house," said Brandon Farr.

But it wasn't just water rushing in.

"We got probably about 2 inches of mud," said Farr.

But this isn't the first time its happened, so he knows exactly what to do.

"It's mud shoveling time," said Farr.

But he said its nothing compared to last year.

"Last year when we got hit by the flood we had 4 inches of mud so I guess that's a plus," said Farr.

But like the people at the Wishing Well Motel, they aren't going anywhere.

"I love being here. It's a great place to live. If this was a weekly occurrence I would have to take a second thought, but its not a weekly occurrence," said J.J.

"No matter what we can't leave this place. This is our home. Mountains out the back door, mountains out the front and a little creek. You can't get better than that," said Farr.



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