Jul 16, 2014 8:31 PM by Greg Dingrando

Flooding traps residents in eastern El Paso County

EL PASO COUNTY - It's been a rough couple days for some residents in eastern El Paso County.

They've been dealing with flooded roads for at least four days and some have been trapped.

The flooding in the eastern part of the county is different than what we've been seeing along Highway 24. Instead of flash flooding coming down the mountain, the flat farm land has just been dumped on over and over again. Now all that water is just sitting there right on top of several roads.

"It was a downpour. A real bad one. It started hailing a lot and then once it stopped hailing it came down real fast and flooded everything," said Cody Crowther.

And that was just the first storm. They've had several more, leaving roads covered in several feet of water.

"Never seen this much rain in my whole life," said Crowther.

"Its been like this for a week or so too," said Thomas Harrison.

And its become a huge problem for residents living in the Grand View Mobile Home Park on Handle Road, who are trapped between two flooded areas.

"My dad can't even get to work," said Crowther.

County workers said normally they let this area just dry out, but this time the area was hit so hard they had to come up with something and pumps are not an option.

"Its so flat out here that even if we were to bring pumps in and try to pump this water, there's no where to pump it to," said Max Kirschbaum with the El Paso County Public Services Department.

Instead workers are bringing in truck after truck of asphalt and dirt to literally raise the entire road.

"By the time we're done here today we'll have brought in 50-60 loads of asphalt millings to bring this up just enough to get people through for the next few days," said Kirschbaum.




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