May 11, 2010 9:58 PM by Stephanie Collins

Florence High School is sinking

Florence High School is just four years old, but there are already cracks in the floors and walls, and bumps in the track that have made it unusable.

A lot of the damage became noticeable a year after the school opened; the floor in the lunchroom has actually risen six inches, creating a large crack down the middle. District officials say the school sits on two different foundation systems, but are surprised they're seeing this much movement.

Since they started noticing the damage, minor fixes have been done to floors, walls and doors, "We've cut off probably 50 or 60 doors because they were catching and not opening," says superintendent Cynthia Scriven.

The damage isn't just on the inside the track in the stadium has turned into an obstacle course and was only usable the first year the school was open, "After that year, there was movement in the ground and we've got big humps in it," says Scriven.

The hope is to get some of the major problems fixed soon, but with an estimate of up to $4,000,000, Scriven adds that it's going to take a while, "We are working with the companies that built the building and with our legal council and their legal council to try and come up with a plan in order to get this fixed."



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