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Jan 6, 2014 7:47 PM by Annie Snead

Flu facts and fiction

A lot of people are suffering from the flu across the nation and right here in Southern Colorado.
So just what will help, and what won't?
At Memorial Hospital's urgent care, they've been seeing a lot of people with the flu.
"They come in saying I have flu like symptoms, I need an antibiotic and that is certainly something that won't help in fact it can make things a whole lot worse," said Dr. Ian Tullberg.
Dr. Tullberg says those antibiotics can cause other problems - including an upset stomach.
Something else you might think would help:
"Speaking specifically about Emerceng-C, those type of cold remedies, no they don't. Some things: if you take enough Vitamin C and zinc before you get sick sometimes it can help boost the immune system," said Tullberg.
But once you're sick, you're sick, and it won't help.
Dr. Tullberg says chicken soup actually has some good properties that might help you feel better.
"Some of those regular cough and cold medicines over the counter, they can help get you feeling a little bit better..but they're certainly not going to make the virus go away any quicker," he said.
Just how long can germs remain on surfaces?
"It's really what's hanging around in the air, so when someone sneezes, they cough, those viruses can easily last up to several minutes, and I've even seen some other things where it can stay into the air for about a half an hour," he said.
He says make sure you wash your hands, and stay hydrated.
Another recommendation -
"I'll go back to the old thing of eating right and exercise.. that certainly does a really good thing of helping people stay healthy," he adds.
Doctor Tullberg says a flu test doesn't always work.
He adds just because you have a fever doesn't mean you have the flu.
A pretty sure sign you have it-- when your body aches so much, you can't do normal activities.


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