Dec 23, 2009 10:14 AM by Greg Boyce

Flu fakers beware

Schools and employers have been encouraging people to stay home if they're sick with the swine flu. But some people have been taking advantage of those cautionary policies by playing hooky.

On a recent day, several Southern Methodist University students were out on the golf course when they should have been in class. Student Julius Pickenpack readily admitted that swine flu policies helped get him and his buddies a tee time. "It's a good excuse to come out here and play a couple holes."

Fellow student Jeff Lubritz agrees that abusing the policy is easy. "Say you're feeling a little nauseous, a little sick, maybe running a little fever, and you're good to go."

Some play golf, but others get a head start on happy hour. Bartender Michaela Pope said she's had dozens of customers tell her they faked Swine Flu to get out of work. "They will come up with any excuse to come here and drink," Pope said.

Attorney Clint David warns that faking any illness comes with a risk. "If you get caught, they can fire you and they just might", David said. "You'd better be prepared, if they ask, to back that up with documentation from your doctor."

Cody Alberts, one of the bar patrons refuses to lie. He came to the bar for his "swine flu shot". Not the kind that comes in a syringe. The kind that comes in a glass. One of the special concoctions here is a drink called the 'Swine Flu Shot'.

After downing it in one gulp, Alberts grimaced and joked this kind of shot might keep him out of work too. "You're going to wake up tomorrow and feel like you have the swine flu. You can't go to work like that."




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