May 7, 2013 8:35 PM by Bill Folsom

Forced move for owlets near Mountain Shadows

Leaving the nest happened very quickly Tuesday morning for the owlets that have been attracting crowds near the Mountain Shadows neighborhood. They were removed and taken to a wildlife rehab center by Parks and Wildlife officers.

It takes a unique circumstance for wildlife officers to intervene. In this case they decided there was high potential for problems.

One of the concerns is the increasing number of curious people who were getting too close to the birds. "Potentially people could get hurt by the owls," said Michael Seraphin with Parks and Wildlife. In order to get closer to birds people had also been putting themselves in danger by walking into traffic.

Another concern is for the baby birds are nearing the age when they leave the nest. The nest is in a tree right next to a busy road. "Often times in the wild young owls end up spending a great deal of time on the ground in that process," said Seraphin, "This is not a real good location for that activity,"

The three owlets go to a wildlife rehab center where other owls will finish raising them. They will then be released back into the wild. The release could happen within a month.



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