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Mar 25, 2013 10:21 PM by Tony Spehar -

Former inmate doubts murder of Tom Clements ordered by prison gang

At least one former Colorado inmate doubts whether prison gangs might have played a role in providing motive for the murder of Colorado Prison Director Tom Clements.

Anonymous sources have told our reporting partners at KUSA that Clement's murder may have been ordered by a white supremacist prison gang called "211 Crew" which suspect Evan Ebel was a member of.

Former inmates say prison gangs are just a part of life behind bars where rules and politics are much different than anyone who hasn't been in prison can understand.

"There's a variance of the power of prison gangs just like the gangs on the streets," former inmate Terrance Roberts told KUSA.

Some sources have said 211 Crew may have ordered the death of Tom Clements because the Department of Corrections may have tried to break up the gang by moving members to different prisons. However, Terrance Roberts said that theory doesn't make sense.

"I don't see how that could benefit the 211 gang at all because that would bring the most intense pressure from law enforcement you could find," he explained.

Roberts was in and out of prison for several years and said inmates understand that being moved is common practice and not at all surprising.

"They break up bible study groups in prisons, I had a bible study group in Fremont and they sent me to another prison," he described. "So if you're in prison you can expect to do 20-years at one particular prison or you can do a two-year sentence and be at four different penitentiaries."

Investigators have said they are exploring Evan Ebel's gang past and what, if any, connection it may have to the murder of Tom Clements. But, they have not elaborated on what they have found.


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