Jan 8, 2012 10:00 PM by Trovette Tottress

Former NFL players encourage soldiers

Alexander Walton loves hanging out with the guys. In 2010 he joined the army for a life of brotherhood and service. Now he's preparing to leave that. He has a degenerative knee condition and is being medically discharged.

"Mentally I'm not the same anymore and physically I'm not. I was an athlete and able to do everyday life things [but] now they label me as being handicapped. I just can't live with the fact that I'm walking around with a cane", said Alexander Walton with Fort Carson.

But thanks to the Real Warriors Campaign, Walton is getting the motivation he needs. Warriors on the field are helping warriors off the field cope. Former NFL players spoke to soldiers about the obstacles they've overcome themselves. Former Philadelphia Eagles' Leonard Renfro said the program pushes soldiers to seek help for the invisible wounds of war.

"Most young men are taught to be macho. You know society defines what a man should be. It's nothing wrong with showing that emotional side. You can still be a man to do that", said Leonard Renfro.

Former Tennessee Titans' Chris Sanders said athletes and soldiers can learn a lot from each other.

"A lot of times we look at athletes and entertainers and stuff like that, and they think they don't have any problems. That's a lie. We go through problems all the time. But it's how you deal with the problems", said Chris Sanders.

Alexander is keeping his head held high.

"It lets me know that I am not alone. You know there are other people that has been in worse situations than what you may be going through at the moment", said Alexander Walton.



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