Jun 8, 2011 3:26 PM by James H Egbert

Fort Carson holds a memorial for a fallen comrade

The Mountain Post held a solemn memorial service today to honor the life and service of one of its fallen. Sgt Ken Hermogino was honored today as his fellow soldiers held a memorial service at The Soldier's Memorial Chapel at Fort Carson Wednesday.

Sgt. Hermogino was a recent conversion in the Blue to Green program from the U.S. Air Force over to the U.S. Army after serving 8 years as a medical administrator. Sgt Hermogino's battle buddies all said he took his share of ribbing and teasing because of his prior service in the Air Force, but in the same breath they admired him for his calm commanding demeanor. Those who served with him said he had a quite way of doing things which showed his intelligence. He also displayed a willingness to learn from those above and beside him.

Those who served with him spoke of a special bond they have that can only be understood by those who have gone through the same situations they have.

Sgt. Hermogino is survived by his wife Monica and son Kevin, as well as his parents, Norma and Renato Hermogino, his brother Marvin and Sister Sheena from Henderson, Nevada.


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