Feb 28, 2014 6:07 PM by Tony Spehar

UPDATE: Former Fort Carson officer gets 20 years to life for sex crimes against children

COLORADO SPRINGS - Aaron Lucas, a former Fort Carson soldier, was sentenced to 20-years to life in prison on Friday for a series of sex crimes against young girls he committed in El Paso County from 2009 to 2012.

For a time Lucas, 33, attempted to lay blame for the crimes on his identical twin brother Brian who is now also facing sex crime charges in Alabama. But, in November, he pleaded guilty in nine cases on charges of indecent exposure, kidnapping and rape. The ages of the girls involved range from 4 to 10-years-old.

"That there were other victims that this person did hurt is just absolutely crushing," said Mark Wilde, father of one of the victims.

Wilde and his wife Kathleen were among family members of Lucas's victims that spoke in court urging the judge to give the maximum sentence. The Wilde's said what happened to their daughter was particularly crushing because it came at the hands of a man in uniform, Lucas was a 1st Lieutenant when he committed his crimes. The Wilde's are both former military members.

"She went to that uniform when he stopped and approached her our of trust, it took away that hundred-years of service my family gave," explained Kathleen Wilde. "We have to re-explain to her that those sacrifices meant something."

Lucas, his parents and his attorney argued that he committed his crimes because he is sick and needs treatment. While speaking to the judge Lucas asked to be sent to the Department of Corrections quickly so he can begin treatment, he also apologized to all of his victims and their families.

At sentencing the judge acknowledged Lucas's arguments and his combat service in Afghanistan, but said he had betrayed the trust brought on by his uniform.

"I think it's telling that the judge spent so much time explaining all the aggravating factors in this case and why he decided to give additional time to the defendant," said Deputy District Attorney Kelson Castain.

Lucas will now spend the next 20-years in prison, to the relief of parents like Mark and Kathleen Wilde. The Wilde's said their daughter, who they call 'Tinkerbell,' has a long way to go to heal, but that she's already making progress and showed it as they left for court on Friday.

"She gave us pixie dust before she left and her last words really were to 'use the pixie dust,' to remind us of her if we felt sad," Kathleen Wilde described.

They said their daughter also showed signs of moving on from what Aaron Lucas admitted to doing to her.

"Looked at me and she's like 'just tell him good riddance,' turned around walked away and went to play," Mark Wilde said.

Lucas's case will be back in court next Friday, both sides will discuss charges he faces in Texas.


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