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May 16, 2013 6:10 PM by Tony Spehar -

Fountain police officer accused of stalking reality TV star

An arrest affidavit for Fountain police officer Daniel Barkus, who was arrested just after midnight on Wednesday, states he allegedly stalked one of the stars of a reality TV show on the Weather Channel.

According the affidavit, El Paso County Sheriff's deputies were called to a mining claim off of Crystal Park Road where Amanda Adkins and Travis Anderson were staying. Adkins and Anderson are cast members on the show "Prospectors" which follows a group of people who mine precious minerals around Colorado. Adkins had been in a relationship with Barkus that ended in December of 2012, Barkus was featured as Adkins's mining partner on at least one episode. Deputies say on Tuesday morning a third-party had told Barkus that Adkins and Anderson were getting married.

On Tuesday night Barkus allegedly told Adkins "I'm gonna go up there and kill him," meaning Anderson. Adkins said Barkus was angry and visibly shaking. Deputies claim he later called Adkins saying he was "almost to the gate," leading to the campsite where Anderson and Adkins were staying.

Adkins caught up to Barkus and followed him to the campsite where she told Anderson about the alleged threat and Anderson armed himself with a gun. They asked Barkus to leave and he did, but he returned later and began arguing with them. He accused Adkins of stealing his phone and allegedly grabbed her arm before leaving again.

El Paso County Sheriff's deputies, who had been called to the scene, pulled Barkus over just below the gate on the 800-block of Crystal Park Road and took him out of his car at gunpoint. They found a loaded pistol under the driver's seat of his car.

Barkus has been charged with stalking, a Class 5 felony, and is out on bond.



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