Sep 26, 2011 12:47 AM by John Romero

Fountain political signs attack council members

Some bad blood is brewing in the City of Fountain over political signs heading in to city elections.

The signs refer to city council members Lois Landgraf and Harold Thompson as "bums". Another sign shows Landgrafs name next to a toilet with the words "flush it". Landgraff, who is running for re-election, says she can't do anything about it she and Thompson both think the signs go to far.

The person at the heart of all of this is former city councilman and Fountain resident, Al Lender. "(Landgraf and Thompson) can put signs up running for election. Well I oppose (them). This is my opposition and my freedom of speech." he explains.

Lender admits these signs stem from the fact that he was denied the right to have a medical marijuana grow on his property. "It's property rights. It's eminent domain. It's one thing after another where politicians are trying to take things away from us. That's what I'm opposed to." he says.

Lender says it's also due in part to a scuffle between him and long time councilman Harold Thompson last year. Charges were never filed by law enforcement against Thompson. But Thompson, like Landgraf, opposed medical marijuana laws that would have allowed Lender to have a grow on his property. "I was one of the ones who pushed for getting an ordinance that I felt was compatible to this community and protecting our youngsters." explains Thompson.

Neither Landgraf nor Thompson are backing down. "I continue to keep the interests of all of my constituents at heart. Not just 1 or 2 that have a loud voice and the large signs." says Landgraf.

Lender told us he's spent around $2,000 dollars along with others on the signs And he will do whatever he can to keep Landgraf and Thompson from getting re-elected. "If I can take a thousand votes away from Lois Landgraf or Harold Thompson it would cost me $2 per person." explains Lender, "That I am willing to do."



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