Feb 4, 2013 3:30 PM by Lacey Steele

Four major retailers will close hundreds of stores

Some bad news tonight for four retailers nationwide.

They're planning on closing hundreds of stores.

We found out it has a lot to do with your shopping habits.

For many, the ease of online shopping is a huge appeal.

"Sometimes you can find exactly what you want online that you don't have in Pueblo," said Megan Murillo, a Pueblo resident.

Others do shop online, but not as much as in person.

"Not a whole lot," said John Montez, a Pueblo resident. "I find shopping in person puts a personable point in it, being personable."

So it's personable, but online may still be easier

"I usually go in the store, local store first, pick out what I want, and then go get it online," said William Capes, a Pueblo resident. "Oh, it's cheaper."

Still others say there are times you just need a store.

"If you're going to go shopping with your kids, and they want to pick out their outfits, you can get the exact size, make sure everything fits," said Murillo.

With more people using the internet to shop, stores are feeling the pain.

This year, Best Buy is forecasted to close over 200 stores out of just over 1000 total.

Barnes and Noble may cut around 200 stores out of their 689.

Sears Corporation owns Kmart and Sears stores, both will see closures, as will J.C. Penney.

If the stores close, does this mean more people will turn to the internet?

"Well I'd have to," said Capes. "It's our only big bookstore here, so I'd be forced to. I do like to pick it off the shelf here and have a look at it."

"We would miss it if they left, but you also have the online option, too," said Murillo.

Keep in mind, no word is out yet whether local stores will be closing.

These retailers aren't quite sure yet which cities will see store closures..

There's at least one of each of these chains in Pueblo and multiple locations for each in Colorado Springs.



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