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May 2, 2012 7:23 PM by Andy Koen

Fourth grade teacher keeps students interested and excited about learning

Fourth grade teacher Amy McLay is always hatching new ideas on how to keep her students at District 20's Mountain View Elementary.

"I'll have kids get up in the middle of lesson and we'll do jumping jacks and then they're back with me or I'll stand on chairs or on desks," she said.

Silly as that sounds, it works. That's because one of the first challenges of teaching is making sure the students listen.

"With technology in their everyday life things are coming at them so quickly that ... we have to do a lot we have to do a lot of entertaining."

An even bigger challenge is making sure the understand the lesson. McLay helps with that by taking the time to get to know each student personally.

"I have students at so many different levels and not only differentiating instruction throughout the day but also meeting them where they're at so they can become successful."

Perhaps one of her best techniques isn't really a technique at all. It comes with the flash of learning in a student's eyes.

" I get so excited and the kids I think feed off that excitement of learning"

For leading her students in a path of understanding, Amy McLay is our April Teachers First Award Recipient. Click here for instructions and click here for a nomination form to tell us about your child's teacher.


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