May 13, 2010 4:27 AM by John Romero

Fremont County angry over French documentary

Last year a French film crew converged on Fremont County. They said they were there to film a documentary about the relationship between the prisons and the communities around them. When the film was released on the web it wasn't quite what people expected. "We're in some godforsaken place in the middle of Colorado." says the narrator in the film.

Reaction from residents came swift. Fremont County Commissioner Ed Norden was one of the first to see the final cut of the film. "It would be almost laughable if the video wasn't so pathetic." he says, "They tainted the story to look like as they said "somewhere between the desert and hell". He and others we talked to think Fremont County was misled by the crew to think there was a positive spin on the community. "Every aspect of the story telling they put together is absolutely a fabrication and untrue." explains Norden

Residents say the film grossly misrepresented the county as a rundown and desolate part of the state. "It's a very very poor and dismal representation of Canon City." explains long time resident and realtor Diann Tomar. Now, the people of Fremont County are eager to prove the filmmakers wrong about the place they call home. "Come on down! Come to Southern Colorado and come to Canon City." says Tomar. "This is Fremont County, home of the Royal Gorge." adds Norden, "There's a reason we live here. There's a reason we raise our families here. There's a reason we are a community together."

CLICK HERE to see the website for the documentary "Prison Valley".



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