Feb 19, 2013 8:23 PM by Matt Stafford

Fremont County rounding up the "Most Wanted"

A new program for the Fremont County Sheriff's Office is off to a fast start.

"We've been pleasantly surprised," said Capt. Don Pinover.

Since October they've been focusing on one fugitive a week, posting pictures of them in gas stations and businesses all over the county. They've seen success; since October 2012 (about four months before this article was written) they've focused on 21 different suspects and they've arrested 14 of them.

It's not a revolution in crime fighting.

"Absolutely not a new idea," said Capt. Pinover.

It's Fremont County's Most Wanted program. Remember the old "Most Wanted" posters from the Wild West? There would be a suspect's picture, a description of the crimes they were accused of committing, and maybe a reward. Fremont County's modern edition is pretty similar; only getting a little help from computers on the layout and display.

The idea is the same though; post up pictures of the wanted individual all over town and hope that it generates tips on where to find them.

The tips are coming in, and fast.

"Within the hour," said Capt. Pinover.

There's another modern advancement to the strategy; posting up pictures everywhere someone goes, and that includes online.

"Both ends of the spectrum; the old wanted posters from the 1800s, up to social media," said Capt. Pinover.

"Some of these folks we've literally been looking for them for over a year, and we just couldn't catch them."

But the old-fashioned idea is helping change that.

"Back to the basics," said Capt. Pinover.

To see some of Fremont County's Most Wanted, click here.


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