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Jun 13, 2014 8:11 AM by Stephen Bowers

Friday Weather: Warming & Dry

Today high pressure is the big weather maker, and it will mean bright blue skies and intense sunshine across Southeastern Colorado. An area of low pressure over the Pacific Northwest will increase a downslope wind this afternoon. Working with the intense Colorado sunshine, the downslope wind will easily push temperatures into the 80's and 90's this afternoon. The sinking air associated with high pressure will also squash any potential for rain showers today. Any clouds we see will be shallow fair-weather cumulus clouds or perhaps some wave clouds coming off of the mountains late this afternoon. The wind will be in the 15-30 mph range and will remain gusty tonight and tomorrow. The weekend looks beautiful aside from some wind that could lift dust on Saturday. Be aware of the potential for reduced visibility and be ready to slow down if you drive through areas of reduced visibility. Sunday is the better half of the weekend, mainly because the wind will relax and so will the June-like warmth. The low pressure over the Pacific Northwest this morning will push a cold front through Colorado early Sunday. The brief upslope flow will help to reduce the warmth and bring about a slight increase in cloud cover.

On Monday and Tuesday another low pressure circulation will come together over the Southeastern Plains. That likely will mean more wind Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning. The upslope breeze behind the low pressure could bring about a few showers on Wednesday depending on how much moisture is available. Temperatures will also cool slightly on Wednesday, but warming resumes on Thursday.



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