Oct 23, 2011 11:19 PM by John Romero

Friends: Alleged Calhan shooting victim was set up

Trent Svitak and Mike Sandage are afraid their landlord was the man shot and killed in this Calhan home Saturday night. "I have a bad, bad feeling." says Sandage. The men tell us that the alleged victim was involved in an on again, off again relationship with a woman who lived in the home with her boyfriend. "They've just been having issues the whole time." explains Sandage.

Originally the call to El Paso County deputies came in as a burglary in process. When deputies arrived they found a man lying on the ground, shot in the stomach. He later died. Friends say this was no burglary but a love triangle that turned deadly. They say the alleged feared something bad would happen. "He was worried that it was a setup because she called him like 20 times saying that she had candles lit and cooked a big dinner and that her boyfriend was gone for three weeks." says Svitak.

Now the two men are asking a lot of question, but getting no answers. "Our landlord told us that if he didn't come home, come look for him at the wagon wheel mailbox." says Sandage. That wagon wheel mailbox is in front of the home where the shooting happened. They want to know what really happened in Calhan Saturday night that ended with their friend being shot to death.
"I don't know what we're going to do." says Sandage, "I don't have any idea."

So far no arrests have been made in the shooting. The victims name has not yet been released.



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