Dec 2, 2013 8:31 PM by Joanna Wise

Friends remember the Tuttle family

"I loved her the first time I met her. She was always so bubbly and happy," said Winnie Owens, Kim Tuttle's best friend.

There are some people who can bring out all the colors in life with a simple smile. 55-year-old Kim Tuttle was one of those people, says her best friend Winnie Owens.

"Kim was always laughing," Owens added.

She was a member of the Greenhorn Valley Players, making music alongside her best friend. But deep down, she wanted more. Owen says Tuttle had dreams of one day opening her own restaurant.

"She was scared to death to come to school. she said, 'I don't think I can do this because I'm not young anymore,'" said Carol Himes, Head of the Culinary Arts Program at Pueblo Community College.

She says there was something special about Kim Tuttle.

"She was just a joy. Her eyes just twinkled all the time," Himes said.

She remembers watching Tuttle grow as a culinary artist.

"It inspired us to do the best we could do for her and for our students," said Himes

After graduating, Tuttle began working at Parkview Medical Center, using her passion to help others. Owens says the whole family was like that.

"They're the type of people, if you needed help, they were right there," said Owens.

The last time owens spoke with her best friend- the Sunday before the fire.

"When they said there were three bodies in it, I was in denial, but I figured that had to be 'Reggie,' Kim and Dawn . I knew it had to be them," said Owens.

Kim Tuttle brought out all the colors in life, not just in her smile, but in her work.

People in the community say she made some of the stain glassed windows at Bishop Castle. And whenever they look at it, they'll remember the family for all that they were.

"We may not think it on this earth, but God needed them... They were good people," said Owens.

Himes says she and some other colleagues at PCC are going to start a memorial fund for Dawn Roderick's children. Winnie Owens also plans to start a fundraiser to help pay for the funeral costs.



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