Mar 31, 2014 2:30 PM by Greg Dingrando

Ft. Carson soldiers welcomed home

FT. CARSON - It was a happy and emotional reunion for soldiers and their families at Ft. Carson on Monday.

Thirty-nine members of the 663 Ordinance Company returned home after spending nine months in Afghanistan.

For some people nine months can just fly right by, but for military families its the total opposite.

Jennifer Brock was anxiously waiting for her husband Staff Sgt. Scott Brock to arrive.

"It has been a very long nine months and we're ready for him to be home for sure," said Brock.

And the family said the hardest part of the wait is the moment right before they arrive.

"I got a lump in my throat. I'm just waiting for him to get here," said Brock's grandmother Jean.

Still, the Brock family knew exactly what they would say first.

"Hi daddy I love you and I missed you," said Brock's 4-year-old daughter Bailey.

As the soldiers walked through a wall of smoke they were greeted with cheers and signs welcoming them home. When they were officially released there were plenty of hugs to go around.

"Its just nice to be home. I get to hold my daughter and baby girl again. It's a great feeling," said Staff Sgt. Brock.

And when your kids are as young as Brock's, a lot can change in just nine months.

"My littlest one here wasn't even walking when I left. She was even crawling and now she's walking so its going to be a new experience that's for sure," said Staff Sgt. Brock.

For others, they didn't just come home to something different, they came home to something brand new. For Staff Sgt. Bryan Fox it was his baby boy.

"It's very surreal. It seems like its been a dream all up until now. Its nice for the dream to come true," said Fox.

Most of the soldiers said they just look forward to being with their family again, Brock's daughter has something a little more specific.

"We're going to the zoo with daddy," said Bailey Brock.



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