Jan 16, 2013 8:06 PM by Matt Stafford

Ft. Carson training going through Jan. 21st

News Five received numerous emails and messages from viewers, asking about the noise coming from training on the south end of Fort Carson. So we checked in with the Mountain Post.

The loud "booms" was a wake up for some neighbors.

Soldiers are conducting field artillery training; it's noisy, but critical. However, the noises don't bug everyone.

"Haha, no," says Larry Stolworthy, chuckling.

Stolworthy has lived just west of Fort Carson for about 30 years, and he's a veteran himself, so he understands the need for training.

"'65 to '68 in 'Nam," Stolworthy says of his service.

"Somebody has got to train somewhere, and this is the best place to train," says Stolworthy.

Penrose neighbors Larry Dagenhart and Joe Biggerstaff - both veterans too - don't mind either.

"Doesn't bother me at all," says Biggerstaff.

"Me either; love it," adds Dagenhart.

Fort Carson says they've put their firing vehicles as far away from the border as they can for this training to help with the noise.

"They can put 'em in my back yard, I don't care," says Dagenhart.

All kidding aside, Fort Carson regularly trains down post, and these neighbors say it's just something they expect.

"It's not constant, it's occasional, but it's the sound of freedom," says Biggerstaff.

One thing working against controlling the noise pollution is the cloud coverage we've had lately. Fort Carson officials told News 5 in an email that they "hope that as cloud cover dissipates, the noise impact will lessen."

Wednesday gave way to clear skies on the south side of the Mountain Post

Fort Carson officials say the training will continue until the January 21st.



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