Mar 18, 2010 10:19 PM by Matt Stafford

Ft. Carson working their end on a community problem

The road can be a dangerous place, but those dangers can increase if you aren't looking out for yourself.

That's what they're trying to get across to Fort Carson soldiers on Thursday.

A staged accident scene is one way that point is being put across. The post brought out hundreds of soldiers to watch as local emergency responders gave the feeling of a real accident. They even went as far as make up for the fake victims.

For the motorcycle rider, they had some key things to point out. The rider had no helmet or reflective vest. However, that wasn't the only problem at the scene.

The motorcycle rider may not have been following all the rules, but throw a drunk driver in the mix and it can be a recipe for disaster. They also gave the soldiers watching a slight example of what it's like, getting a D.U.I.

The effects of driving under the influence aren't lost on these soldiers, or our community. Two soldiers died from injuries just last month in an accident on Highway 115, South of Colorado Springs. That may have more of an impact than any demonstration.

The impact is hard to quantify, and who knows what the future will hold for these soldiers. If they stop just one drunk driver, it's a major victory. However, it can be the polar opposite when one slips through the cracks.

Workers for Designated Driver of Colorado Springs also spoke to soldiers, talking about local resources to avoid D.U.I.'s and how there is no excuse to get one. Workers say the night of the Highway 115 accident last month, they drove home 70 cars of people. Waking up the next day, they were proud of their work, but after hearing the news all they could think about was what if they had driven home 71 cars.

Designated Driver of Colorado Springs offers a ride home, in your own car, from sponsored locations. However, for military, they say they'll make an extra effort to pick soldiers up no matter where they are in Colorado Springs, if they've been drinking.

For more information, check out there website by clicking here.



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