Jan 23, 2014 11:55 AM by Joe Bevans

Game sound secrets

NEW YORK (AP) - One of the reasons the NFL has become such a hot commodity on TV is that the sport looks so amazing on TV. But these days, broadcasters are putting as much focus on bringing the awesome sounds of the game to our screens as they do the images. Lately fans have been intrigued by the sound of Denver Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning barking out the code word "Omaha!" as he calls signals. But did you know the on-field sound is so crisp because it is picked up, well, on the field. Broadcasters have placed tiny microphones placed in the back of the pads of some of the offensive linemen. NFL officials have allowed broadcasters to mic-up the pads of either the first- and second-string centers or both starting guards. Those sounds of quarterbacks and other game action had been picked up by a microphone in the umpire's cap. But in the past few years, the league has repositioned that official for safety reasons, making the sounds harder to pick up.


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