Jul 3, 2011 8:54 PM by John Romero

Gay soldiers beaten in possible hate crime

Their car a bloody mess, a group of Fort Carson soldiers and their friends try to pick up the pieces after a seemingly senseless hate crime early Saturday morning at the Albertacos restaurant in northeastern Colorado Springs.

Chris, one of the victims and a gay soldier, asked that we hide his identity. He tells us a group of black men and women took exception to the way one of them was dressed. "We walked in and immediately one black male started making remarks like, faggot."

Chris tells us hey tried to leave when the shoving started. But when they went out in to the parking lot Chris says it was an ambush. "At that point it was basically a bum rush." he explains, "I turn around and my friend was getting stomped by 6 black males." Chris and his friends were outnumbered and were brutally beaten. "Another female friend of mine was trying to fight off 3 or 4 men." he says.

Two were rushed to the hospital with severe injuries, including one with a fractured face. "He was bleeding very badly and at this point his jaw is wired shut." says Chris. During this interview that victim came to Chris' home. His jaw is shattered, swollen and wired shut.

"Cee" a friend who was with Chris and his friends earlier that night couldn't believe the news. "They just didn't like who we were. They didn't like our lifestyle. I think that's just ridiculous." she says.

Police are looking in to the possibility of hate crime charges when the suspects are found. "... if it's based on ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation we can charge people with that (a hate crime)." explains Lt. Pat Rigdon with CSPD.

As for Chris, he's still in shock about the whole ordeal. "I and a few other friends of mine that were there that night have fought for this country." he says, "You would get respect for that but it's apparent you don't."

At this point police have a vague description of the suspects. The suspects were described as at least 5 black males and 2 black females. The only suspect vehicle description available is a silver passenger vehicle. The primary aggressor in the assault is described as a black male, 5'5'', and 135 lbs with a bald head. If you have any information on this assault you are asked to call the Colorado Springs Police Department.



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