Mar 7, 2013 9:30 PM by Greg Smith

"Germ Ninja" keeps team healthy

If you're fighting sickness, who better to fight for you than a ninja?  That's exactly what Fountain-Fort Carson did this season and it ended up being their secret weapon.

Fountain Fort Carson had an advantage over the field heading into the playoffs and it wasnt their work ethic or their four-seed.  It was the Germ Ninja, a ball cleaning device that helped keep the Trojans on the court.

"I'm just coming off being sick," said Trojans guard Anthony Davis.  "I mean, it wasn't good, but hopefully that can help us stay healthy'."

"We got to keep everyone on our team healthly," said another Fountain-Fort Carson guard Al  Davis.  "I like it.  I mean, if its going to keep us all healthy, I'm for it."

The balls come out dry and germ free, but there is one side effect.

"They smell a little different," said Al.  "I mean, they smell a little.  They got a nice little smell to them, but besides that, I don't see a difference in it."

Anthony agreed. "I think it helps me shoot better.  I'm just kidding, but it does have a funky smell to it, i mean, but, you know, thats not something we can control. if it helps keep the balls clean then we'll take it."

Fountain-Fort Carson coach Greg Williams gave a demonstration: "It cleans the germs with UV light so there's no chemicals involved.  I'm not exactly sure the science of it, but I know that its pretty easy to use. you just kind of roll it through and in a couple seconds here you'll see that ball drop there."

And how confident is he that what comes out is 100-percent clean?

"This district just doesn't throw anything out there.  They're real careful in what they do, so i'm pretty confident."

After rolling a ball around on the bathroom floor as a test, then putting it through the germ ninja, williams was still just as confident.

"I probably wouldn't eat off this, but i'll definitely play with it."

The Germ Ninja isn't just for basketball.  The Trojans plan to use it for every sport.



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