Apr 24, 2012 8:03 PM by Lacey Steele

Get out and enjoy record-breaking temps

When would you expect it to be this hot?

Right around Fourth of July!

Plenty of us headed outdoors when we could Tuesday.

We went out to join the fun in Pueblo, where the temps broke records by three degrees!

Several Puebloans say they are slightly shocked.

"Usually we're kind of cool, or we have some snow," said Barbara Niichel, a Pueblo resident who went for a run along the Riverwalk. "This year seems to be really hot and dry."

But it doesn't keep people from enjoying it.

"Oh I just kind of roll with it because you can't control the weather, so you just have to do what's necessary, what it permits," said Niichel.

From the Riverwalk to the kayak course, people took advantage of the sidewalks and trails.

"Just walking the critters," said Chris Swank, a Pueblo resident. "As usual just doing our daily walk, swim, etc."

But some are concerned it will get worse.

"It's warm," said Swank. "It's kind of scary. Whatever is going to happen this summer, if this is a prelude to it, we're in trouble possibly."

Of course, the warm weather definitely means one thing.

Golf courses were filled most of the day with those enjoying the sunshine.

"This time of year, yeah, it's a little early, but it feels good," said Pete Mayo, a golfer in Pueblo, but he joked it hasn't helped his golf game any.

Out at Lake Pueblo, it was much of the same story, with many boaters cooling off.

Several people say you should remember to not let the hot weather early on in the season fool you.

Always wear sunscreen when you're out in the sun and keep water with you to stay hydrated.



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