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Aug 3, 2014 11:03 AM by John Dissauer

Getting Closer to Summer

Update 5:42pm:  As expected temperatures got up in to the 80°s and 90°s Sunday afternoon.  Officially 80° in Colorado Springs and 88° in Pueblo.  Yet another sub 90° day for Pueblo extending the streak to 8 consecutive days.

Update 9:03am:  If you like it to feel like summer, you will enjoy today's forecast.  Under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, temperatures are expected to climb up to near normal or slightly below.  Highs will be in the 80's and lower 90's.

Normal high temperatures for this time of year is 83° in Colorado Springs and 91° in Pueblo.  I'm forecasting a high of 83° in Colorado Springs and 88° in Pueblo.

If you are heading up in the mountains today, there is a small chance for a few isolated showers and thunderstorms, especially in western Teller and western Fremont counties.


If Pueblo remains below 90° this will be the ninth consecutive day the city has remained below 90°.  This would be the longest streak below 90° in July/beginning August in 43 years.


If you missed seeing the International Space Station fly over southern Colorado Saturday you are in luck.  The ISS will make an appearance Sunday night and Monday night.  Skies should be cooperative, especially Sunday night.

Sunday night it will be visible for 6 minutes beginning at 10:23pm MT.  It will appear in the western sky and exit the north-northeast sky.

Monday night it will again be visible for 6 minutes beginning at 9:33pm MT.  It will enter the west-southwest sky and exit the northeast sky.

A little information about what you are looking at when it flies overhead.  It is approximately the size of a football field.  It is flying at approximately 17,100 mph and it is located approximately 200 mile above the surface of the earth.

It is a great activity for the family, so grab the kids and head outdoors and look up. - Meteorologist John Dissauer


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