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May 13, 2014 3:32 PM by Meteorologist Valerie Abati

Glaciers In West Antarctica Are Beyond 'The Point Of No Return'

Years of speculation are now confirmed with two studies just released on the state of glaciers in western Antarctica.  They say the melting of these glaciers is in a non-reversible state, and that their water release will result in a 4 foot sea level rise.

From above, one wouldn't know that this is happening.  But that's because all of the melting is happening below the surface.  Warm water from the ocean is melting the glaciers from the ocean.  And with no landmass near these glaciers, the ice will continue to melt.

Conservative estimates say that the melting will be fairly slow for the next century.  But the melting rate will speed up as less ice interacts with the ocean.  A first guess melt would take the glaciers two centuries to completely melt into the ocean - if not longer. 



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