Sep 3, 2010 12:25 AM by Matt Stafford

GOP candidate Maes says he staying in the race

There's more controversy in the race to be Colorado's next governor. This time G.O.P. candidate Dan Maes is in the hot seat, getting calls to drop out of the race.

It's not the first time a candidate has been asked to drop out of this race, and like others before, Maes says he's staying in.

Heading to a debate in Denver Thursday, Maes expected questions. However, he answered one far more often than others.

"I'm in this race, that's why I'm here today and we're just going to keep fighting like we always have," Maes said outside of the debate.

The questions are following a Denver Post article, saying Maes inaccurately said he worked for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Maes has since made corrections on his Facebook page, talking about his two years as a police officer in Liberal, Kansas. As he tries to correct the inaccuracy though, he's losing support.

Key Republicans have dropped their endorsements, including former U.S. Senator Hank Brown.

In Colorado Springs, The Gazette is asking Maes to get out of the race. The Denver Post is asking the same.

"Everyone's opinion matters to me, and those opinions are taken into consideration as I make my decisions," says Maes.

Some decisions will be made faster than others. The Secretary of State will lock the ballot by the end of the business day Friday; creating a rush for Republicans if they need to make a change.

Maes insists, a change won't be necessary.

News First 5 spoke to some local voters, and they would like the ballots to stay the way they are.

"I don't necessarily think it's the right thing to kind of go in there and pull out the ballot at the last minute," says El Paso County voter Carson Dennis.

Teller County voter Brett Book doesn't want to see a change either.

"Unless they came up with a decent candidate," says Book, "It's just a little late in the game to be switching."

Maes intends to remain an option this November.

"I can tell you as of today we're not going anywhere," Maes says; but as this race is showing, things can change quickly.

Although the ballot will be locked Friday, changes can still be made. However, any changes have to be made county-by-county, so they may not make all ballots across the state.


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