Oct 28, 2012 8:43 PM by Lacey Steele

Gov. Hickenlooper discusses the election on Meet the Press

Several governors appeared on Meet The Press this morning, and John Hickenlooper was one of them.

The main thing each has in common is they govern a battleground state.

They all discussed their own viewpoints on the economy, jobs, and the election.

Governor Hickenlooper says he was able to do Colorado's budget last year in a divided general assembly with a high vote.

"It's great to continue trying to get rid of red tape and lower taxes wherever possible, but you've also got to have some revenue sources, too," said Governor Hickenlooper. "If we're going to deal with this fiscal cliff, right, and the lame duck session, which I think is a huge challenge, we've got to get everybody working together."

He also went on to say he believes President Barack Obama has done well with what he inherited when he first became president.


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