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Apr 1, 2014 9:37 PM by Eugene Daniels

Gray areas in health coverage lead people to extreme measures

Even as the country pushes for insurance coverage, there are still many people who find themselves in a gray area when it comes to health insurance.

Kalah Selby, 23, is one of them.

"My life's on the line but everything happens for a reason," Selby said.

During her recovery from a head on crash in 2012, Kalah was having intense stomach pains and knew something wasn't right.

"I went in and they said I still had seat belt bruises so I didn't really think anything much of it but I could actually feel the tumor and I didn't know exactly what it was," Selby said.

Selby was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy. 3 months later, the cancer was back - in the form of four new masses. Selby's body didn't react to rounds of chemotherapy, causing her doctors to search for answers.

"My oncologist told me ‘there is no right way to treat you,'" Selby said.

Selby's doctors wanted her to try radiation but let her know it could kill her because of trauma from her car accident. So she began looking for other options, all out of the country and out of her price range.

"I'm still trying to decide on statistics and what I feel might work best. I'm honestly willing to try anything," Selby said.

The problem for her is paying for it and right now there is no private insurance or Medicaid program that will cover her alternative treatment plan. But after hearing Kalah's story, Tony Mand, a Domino's Pizza franchisee in southern Colorado decided to step in and help. He owns stores in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Canon City and began placing flyers on pizza boxes and door hangers in order to help raise money for Kalah.

"She's under a timeline to solve the problem so we're trying to raise money for her fast so she has a chance," Mand said.

For Kalah, it is hope delivered to her door at a time when health insurance in America still can't cover it all.

If you'd like to donate to Kalah's cause, Mand says you can head to any Domino's Pizza in Southern Colorado and even US Banks in Colorado Springs. 


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