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Sep 20, 2012 11:56 AM by Marissa Torres

Green chile health benefits

Everyone who's bit into a green chile knows all about their intense heat and rich flavor. But who would've thought the Southern Colorado staple actually provides incredible health benefits.
Experts say green chiles are a super food, rich in fiber with no fat, cholesterol or sodium. They're also packed with vitamin A, which is essential for overall health, including maintenance of bones, teeth and skin. Vitamin A also has a big impact on the eyes and helps promote night vision.
Ellen Sinclair, a clinical dietition with Parkview Medical Center, says green chiles are also loaded with vitamin C, which will help strengthen the body's immune system and fight off infections
But that's not all they do.
Sinclair says the chemical capsaicin, which is what makes chiles spicy, helps promote weight loss as it helps to burn calories and speed up the metabolism.
The chemical also releases endorphins in the brain, putting chile eaters in a better mood.
Doctors say if you're suffering from stomach ulcers or heart burn, you'll want to be careful.


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