Dec 13, 2010 12:13 AM by John Romero

Group aims to turn Falcon into a city

There's a grass roots movement developing in Falcon. A group calling themselves Citizens for a Better Falcon is working towards a ballot question next November that would incorporate Falcon and make it a city. "Our goals are to really just provide an opportunity for the citizens of the Falcon area to make a decision whether or not they want to have local control." explains CFABF member Mike Hurd.

Right now Falcon is part of unincorporated El Paso County. CFABF wants to be able to elect a city government and have more of a voice than just the one county commissioner who currently represents them. "It would act as a city council." says Hurd, "We would have our own boundaries as a city. We would operate as a home rule city here in the state of Colorado."

A similar movement failed back in 2005. Falcon residents we spoke to are still a little hesitant to give incorporation the green light. "Obviously with taxes and everything else... The levies, the water rights, it's a big game." says Bill, a Falcon resident.

Citizens for a Better Falcon worry if something isn't done soon, the city of Colorado Springs could annex part or even all of their town and the businesses within. "That would have a serious effect on us." explains Hurd, "Obviously our sales taxes would go up by 3% just doing that alone. Let alone the additional mill levies that would result from that as well." Still, many we spoke to say it all comes down to one thing. "You have to have your own police force, you have to have your own fire department, you have to pay all of these people." says Falcon resident Priscilla Morrill, "It's too much."

Citizens for a Better Falcon are planning several town hall meeting in the coming weeks to hear what other Falcon residents have to say about possible incorporation. For more information you can email them at



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