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Nov 8, 2010 7:29 PM by Stephanie Collins

Growing seeds for the future

Grants totaling more than $750,000 have been awarded to farmers around the state, including a seed cooperative in southern Colorado. With so many of us turning to organic foods, it could mean more choices.

Hobbs Family Farm in eastern Pueblo County grows organic vegetables and open pollinated seeds. They are part of the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative, which was just awarded $50,000 thousand dollars of that $750,000, from the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

The money will be used to improve organic seed varieties, "Were rigorously selecting various varieties of vegetable seed, for qualities of uniformity, adaptability to arid conditions that we have in Colorado, high yield potential, and good competition with weeds," explains Dan Hobbs of Hobbs Family Farm.

The grant money will also be used to develop a marketing strategy, to get the word out about their seeds, "Currently there's less supply than demand, for organic seed anyway, fantastic market opportunity for quality seed," says Hobbs.

Hobbs adds that seed growing is a lost art, and hopes his work creates a new generation of seed growing farmers, and a new source of revenue. Hobbs family farm plans to start selling their seeds, through the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative, next winter.

For more on their seeds, click here.



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