Jan 14, 2014 12:43 AM by Maddie Garrett

Gusting Winds Cause Problems Across Southern Colorado

From frightening driving conditions, to allergies and sinus problems, it's safe to say most people in Southern Colorado are sick of the windy weather.

The worst of the weather created a dangerous dust storm south of Pueblo on I-25. Two semi-trucks wrecked causing a 20 car pileup.

"That semi had wrecked and I couldn't see nothing. I tried to stop, but the man behind me hit me, and knocked me into some other cars," said driver Gilbert Sherrer.

State Troopers said fortunately no one was seriously hurt in the multiple crashes involved in that pile-up.

No matter where you are in Southern Colorado, you can't escape the wind. It's been howling for several days now.

"It's been rough, the wind, the sand blowing, it just makes it real difficult to get anything done," said homebuilder Bart Hanks.

Bart Hanks is used to working outside and the Colorado weather. But he said this much wind this time of year is a little unusual.

"Spring is when this usually hits," he said.

But it's been blowing for four days, whipping around trash and debris. Anthony Moreno works for Robertson's Landscaping, he and other workers hauled off a trailer full of debris that blew into a neighborhood Monday afternoon.

"Tumble weeds, trash that blows in from the west, from the east, it gets pretty nasty out here," said Moreno.

The wind also slowed down construction work, and collapsed some wood truss roofs at a home construction site in Colorado Springs.

Hanks said they had to stop work before the same thing happened to the homes they were working on, "We just couldn't get a lot of the work done."

During Monday afternoon a little break came from the high winds.

"I'm really glad it's normal today," said Lorine Rivera at Bear Creek Dog Park.

The windy weather can be tough for our four-legged friends and their owners too. Many dog owners said their pets had a difficult time being stuck inside for days.

"Like crazy, they're running around the house crying, doing bad things too," said Rivera of her Beagle.

"I don't want to be out in the wind, but he has to be," said Erin Bowles pointing to her dog. "So I force myself to come out for him."

But we're not in the clear just yet, the winds are expected to continue to gust Monday night into Tuesday afternoon.



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