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Jul 9, 2013 10:40 AM by Marissa Torres

Gut bacteria promotes weight loss

A new study says the bacteria in your gut not only plays a key role in your overall health-- but can keep the pounds from adding on with every meal you eat.

The two main, bacteria are Bacteriodetes and Firmicutes, but depending on whether your obese or healthy-- the ratio of the two will vary. Researchers say obese individuals tend to have more Fermicutes, but if put on a diet for a year, you can change the proportion. We had dietitian David Egerdahl with Memorial Hospital weigh in on the study. He says having more Bacteroidetes is a big deal because these bacteria are much better at helping your body breakdown Polyphenols. That includes anti-oxidents found in apples, berries, green tea and red wine

Studies have shown Firmicutus just let the Polyphenols slide through.

"They're inhibiting these bad bacteria, the ones that kind of let things pass through, and they're allowing these other good ones to grow and limit how much, basically how much calories we're getting," says Egerdahl.

Bacteroidetes consume glucose a little better than Fermicutes. The advantage to that is then we don't need to absorb the extra calories and worry about burning them off.

Research is still preliminary, but doctors found that over weight people who are put on healthier diets are able to increase the amount of good bacteria.

The end story-- eating healthy means arming your body with the proper nutrients to have a better digestive system and keep the weight off.



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