Dec 5, 2009 7:16 PM by Matt Stafford

H1N1 vaccines unrestricted in the Springs

Thousands show up for an H1N1 clinic in Colorado Springs.

There were 3-thousand doses and no restrictions on who gets the vaccine.

H1N1 vaccination clinics have drawn large lines, but they get longer when you allow anyone to get the shot.

"I thought it would probably be longer so I wanted to come in before ten," says Craig Ramberger, who came for the shot. "It was easy. It was about an hour, a little over an hour. There were a lot of people here but the lines moved quickly."

"Marvelous crowd control, everything was organized beautifully," exclaimed Hugh Maynard.

"We've been planning for this for several months now," says Dan Martindale with the El Paso County Health Department. "We think we've got it down to where people will not have to wait a long period of time."

Some don't mind the wait.

"3,000 people here today will be that many less carriers," Maynard says.

Now that anyone can get vaccinated, several are finding a reason to fight the crowd.

"I'm 80 and proud of it, but I felt that I should have the shot along with my wife," Maynard says.

"I feel much better," explains Ramberger. "I'm a teacher and I would like to be protected."

Working with children is a common reason for getting vaccinated, and luckily one of the patients is good with kids who don't like shots. Santa Claus stopped by for his vaccination.

If you missed this clinic don't panic. Click here to see when the next clinic in El Paso County will be near you.


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