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Oct 31, 2013 9:49 AM by Garrett Boyd

Halloween safety in Southern Colorado

People nationwide will be celebrating Halloween Thursday. But the scariest part of the night might have nothing to do with costumes or haunted houses.

According to AAA, Halloween is the deadliest night of the year for pedestrians. On average, more than twice as many children are killed in pedestrian-car accidents than any other day of the year.

El Paso County Sheriff's Office provides the following safety tips:

-Children should be supervised or accompanied by an adult at all times.
-Children and adults should wear reflective clothing or a reflective vest.
-Carry a flashlight.
-Practice extreme caution while crossing or walking on streets.
-Do not enter the homes of anyone you do not know.
-Travel in groups and practice the "buddy" system.
-Be cautious of items that are unfamiliar or not easily identifiable.
-Do not approach vehicles of individuals you do not know.
-Adults should inspect all items and only allow children to consume candy or food items that are sealed and appear to be unopened and not tampered with.



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