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Jul 15, 2013 9:23 AM by Marissa Torres

Handbag Hazards

Ladies-how you're carrying your purse could be causing serious damage. Doctors have even labeled it "Poshitis"--
named after fashion icon Victoria Beckham - formerly known as Posh Spice.

She, along with other Hollywood celebrities, have been photographed time and time again carrying over-sized purses, hanging from a bent elbow. Sure it may look good, but your body is paying the price for carrying around that heavy piece of arm candy.

Physical Therapist Joe Ruzich with Southern Colorado Clinic says elbows are not designed to support static weight for long periods of time.

"You're putting your elbow into an unusual position, your bicep muscle is the first thing I would think of as being constantly on tension. And I could see that leading to bicep issues as well as up here with the upper trap."

Those heavy bags can lead to sore necks, upper backs, even tendinitis of the elbows as a direct result.

A compromise? Ruzich says to switch the carrying arm every now and then. You can also limit the weight. Ruzich says a purse should be no more than 5 percent your body weight.

As for a solution- try carrying a backpack or purse that crosses over the shoulders.



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