Dec 5, 2012 5:56 PM by Lacey Steele

Handicap curb in Pueblo isn't attached to sidewalks

Those who live near 28th Street and 6th Avenue in Pueblo are confused by a new handicap curb that's been put in.

We found out why it doesn't connect to any sidewalks, and what will have to be done so it does in the future.

It's a strange sight, but Kent Williams, a Construction Engineer with the City of Pueblo, says there's a reason for the handicap curb.

They placed one of the curbs on the other side of 6th which does connect to sidewalks, plus a new cross walk, so they went ahead and put in another handicap curb.

It is weird to see it end in grass, and Williams says one of two things needs to happen.

The city will put in sidewalks with a grant from the neighborhood, or neighbors can put in a request to housing for sidewalks in that area.

If you have been concerned about this, you can call this number (719) 583-6110.


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