Jan 25, 2010 8:40 AM by John Romero

Haitian orphan comes home to Colorado

Meet the Thomas family. Ryan, Naomi, Corina, Zach and Emma. This weekend they welcomed a new member to the family, 23 month old Jeffry. "This is just unbelievable!" says Naomi, "We just keep looking around saying, oh my gosh! We have four kids now!"

Jeffry, a Haitian orphan, has been in the process of adoption by Ryan and Naomi for over 2 years. When the earthquake hit Haiti the Thomas', like any parent, did everything they could to get their child. "We were glued to our computer screen literally for a week watching blog updates from the orphanage and various agencies just hoping that something would happen that would allow him to come home." explains Ryan. "For all of this to happen in just 10 days is amazing." adds Naomi.

After the earthquake he was allowed to come to the US sooner than expected. It was a whirlwind of a week for the Thomas'. "We arrived at Miami International around 9:30 pm eastern on Thursday night and actually ended up waiting 14 hours before we were able to see him." says Ryan, "They spent about 8 hours in customs and immigration. It was just a roller coaster of a ride in one evening." It was nearly overwhelming for Naomi. "It was tears, cheers, claps, I mean there are at least 60 families there and now we know our children are safe and on US soil. It was unimaginable, the feeling. " she says. And now that Jeffry is finally home, the Thomas family feels complete. "It just felt like a piece of us is missing, and now we're together." say Ryan and Naomi, "We're here, together."



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