Oct 11, 2010 1:33 AM by John Romero

Haunted houses scaring up fun in Colorado Springs

It's a terrifying October tradition millions across the world flock to. That's right, it's once again haunted house season and the ghouls at Mind Seizure in Colorado Springs are dying to meet you. It's the brain child of owner Josh Carrier. "I got into the haunted house business because it's just a fun thing to do." He explains, "I enjoy doing it because scaring someone is the ultimate joy."

It's not just jumping out and yelling boo anymore either. There's a lot of thought that goes into a haunt like Mind Seizure. The goal is to distract you with an elaborate scene surrounding you. You see it and the suspense builds. Before you know it, they got you! "When I hear those scares I know that there's also a joy that's coming out from that too." says Carrier. Although that joy can sometimes go a little far for some visitors. "We've had people pee themselves, puke and do all sorts of stuff." says Carrier with a laugh, "There are people out there who get very scared and do stuff they wouldn't normally do."

It can be a terrifying ride, but it's one most people gladly keep coming through the gates of Mind Seizure for. "A lot of people are adrenaline junkies and they want that adrenaline coming through their body." says Carrier, "That's something we're more than willing to do for you."

CLICK HERE for the Mind Seizure website.



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