Jul 24, 2011 9:00 PM by John Romero

Hay prices hurting local animal sanctuary

Every morning in Yoder, Colorado Jim Griesemer heads out to feed his animals. Since 2007 Jim has run the Circle G Ranch. a sanctuary for abused or abandoned horses. "We feed them, take care of them, and make sure they get veterinarian service. We love them and we just let them be horses." he explains.

Jim works a day job to help keep the Circle G afloat. But this year has been tough. Drought conditions have hurt the grazing pastures forcing Jim to feed his horses by other means. "You have to make sure you don't wear down your pasture. But keep feeding the animals and take care of them. That requires hay." he says.

But those drought conditions are also making hay a lot harder to come by. Combine that with high gas prices and an overall hurting economy and the price of hay has skyrocketed this year. "You used to get hay for $3 or $4 a bale." Jim says, "Now it's $9.50 - $10 a bale."

And as with all non-profits in a tough economy, donations have been dwindling as well. Jim's doing everything he can to keep the ranch and says he won't stop giving his animals the love and care they didn't have before they came to the Circle G. "We're small. We only got 8 horses but we figure it makes a difference. If one of those guys were one of your horses you can rest assured that they will be taken care of. We feel we can make a difference that way." He says, "We're trying to make a small difference in a big world."

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