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Nov 7, 2012 10:05 AM by Marissa Torres

Healthy bedrooms

We spend roughly a- third of our lives in the bedroom. So it's no surprise that when things aren't "healthy" in there -- our whole life can be affected. Not to worry-
there are ways to make your bedroom a more relaxing place.

"Look at your bedroom in new eyes... start from scratch... what do you want to do there... do you want to be stressed there... or do you want it to be your sanctuary?" says Dr. Kenneth Weizer, a Naturopathic physician.

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place to let your mind and body recover. But all too often, it's not a restful place at all.

"I use my phone a lot before bedtime. I need to be sleeping, but it's keeping my mind kind of going I guess," says student Anna Huber.

General clutter -- dirt -- even technology can add unwanted stress in the bedroom.

"If they just take everything out of the room and make it really simple, all of a sudden they can breathe better," says Dr. Weizer.

He also says take those TVs, computers and digital clocks out of the bedroom. Basically, anything with a screen -- yes, even your cell phone -- should plug-in, somewhere else.

You'll also want to remember to wash your sheets and pillows at least once a week in hot water.

Dr. Weizer says stress in the bedroom not only effects sleep, but could hurt your love life.

"Sex is related to stress and sleep... if you don't get enough, you may lose your libido... if you have stress, you may lose your libido."

Dr. Weizer says keeping romance alive, in turn, can help you sleep... and sleep, reduces stress; making you a much healthier person in the long run



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