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Jul 29, 2013 11:44 PM by Tony Spehar -

Heavy rain spurs another round of flash flooding in Black Forest

Heavy rain prompted another round of flash flooding from the Black Forest Fire burn scar on Monday afternoon.

Around 3 p.m. a period of heavy rain struck the burn scar and sent water, mud and debris flowing over low areas of Shoup Road, prompting authorities to shut the road down for a brief time.

Shawn Galvin, whose home once stood near the intersection of Shoup Road and Glenridge Lane, had returned to where his home had burned in the Black Forest Fire to finish salvaging what he could from the rubble. The weather caught him off guard and briefly trapped him in his tool shed.

"I was like man this might flood here and all of a sudden it started flooding and within four or five minutes I was trapped in the shed, I was literally putting two-by-fours up to block the water from coming in," Galvin described. "I wasn't here for the other floods so I just completely got caught."

Thankfully Galvin stayed safe, but county leaders said his near miss can be a lesson to everyone.

"We're learning in this community, the county's learning," explained Dave Rose, a spokesperson for El Paso County Government.

Rose said, unfortunately, those living in and around the Black Forest burn scar need to learn the lessons and take the same precautions those living below the Waldo Canyon burn scar have for the past year.

"Understanding where you are, what the weather's doing and what your risk is right now," Rose advised. "These flood events will come, unfortunately there will be many more of them before the earth heals itself."

It's a bitter pill to swallow for those like Shawn Galvin, preparing for floods after living through the devastation of fire.

"It was so beautiful here, it was the most beautiful place I've ever lived and now to have the fire and flood you're testing your wits," Galvin described. "It's a rollercoaster of emotions here."

No injuries or major property damage were reported as a result of Monday's flooding.



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