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Apr 11, 2013 8:53 PM by Bill Folsom

Helicopter doing rehab work on Wetmore burn area

The beat of helicopter blades filled the day over the area burned by the Wetmore Fire. It is the start of aerial seeding and mulching to help stabilize burned hillsides.

The task is covering nearly 350 acres of burned land with 380 tons of mulch. It helps the seeds take hold to speed up recovery. Just as important it soaks up some of the water to prevent flooding. "Also starts reducing the run-off," said BLM Hydrologist, John Smeins, "It'll help the water flow a little bit slower and soak into the ground a little bit more rather than running off,".

The cost of the aerial work is $140,000. It is considered an investment in preventing damage that could cost a whole lot more.



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