Dec 10, 2012 7:13 PM by Lacey Steele

Here's a reminder about common scams from the BBB

The holidays are a time for memories, but all too often those memories are marred by scams.

We set out to find ways to keep those memories happy by uncovering some common scams.

"There are always new twists on old scams," said Katie Carrol, Director of Public Relations for the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

These days there are way too many ways to fall prey to thieves.

Like: people who ask for personal information, fake emails that give your computer a virus, fake charities, and fake gift cards.

"Scammers are really sophisticated, super sophisticated," said Carrol.

So always do your research.

Contact companies to verify deals, and never respond to random emails or pop up ads.

"If you want to buy shoes, you should go to a website that you've researched to go buy shoes," said Carrol. "You shouldn't respond to a website just that pops up while you're using the internet that says, 'Get great shoes here!'"

You can always research places with the BBB.

It turns out, Southern Colorado is getting smarter.

"About eight years ago, we used to have 40,000 business reviews read a year," said Carrol. "Now this year we had more then 800,000 people come and read reports."

Your safest bet is to go with store and charity names you already recognize.

More good advice: always pay with a credit card online so it's easily disputable.

Try to avoid wiring money because you won't be able to get it back.

Plus, there's a new scam email going around.

It says they weren't able to deliver your package, but you'll owe money if you do not pick it up.

The attachment that comes with it contains a computer virus, so be aware and avoid that one.



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