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Jan 10, 2013 9:10 PM by Maddie Garrett

High Demand Leaves Short Supply of Flu Shots

The flu is making headlines in Southern Colorado again, but not for the number of cases this time, but because of the number of people trying to prevent it. The high demand for flu vaccines is leaving doctors' offices and clinics in short supply.

Just this week, Kaiser Permanente ran out of flu shots temporarily.

"We don't have a shortage, it was just because we have administered in this season over 210,000 vaccines so far, so it's on its way," said Kaiser RN and Nurse Manager Rose-Marie Mainieri, RN, CCM.

Kaiser said not to worry, they just received a new shipment of flu vaccines Thursday night, enough to fully supply its 23 clinics from Pueblo to Denver.

"There's enough vaccine to go around for anybody," said Mainierie.

Public health officials are saying the same thing. While supply of the flu vaccine has been spotty, they don't expect a widespread shortage. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said about 135 million doses were produced for this flu season. So far a total of 128 million vaccines have been administered nationwide.

"I encourage everyone to call their physician or come to our medical office to get the flu vaccine this year," Mainierie reminds the public.



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