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Apr 10, 2013 9:23 AM by Marissa Torres

High heel dangers

A word of warning to all the fashionistas out there. Sure-- high heels look good, but the damage they bring to your feet can stop you right in your tracks.

Everyday your feet take a pounding. Physical therapist Joe Ruzich with Southern Colorado Clinic says your entire foot is susceptible to painful conditions that can keep you seated. The biggest culprit: high heels.

"It's going to force your toes in the front... what we call the forefoot to be pressed together. So rather than spreading out taking the bodies weight.. it's actually going to compress everything together into a small space."

Some women are known to develop bunions- a large enlargement of both the soft tissue and bone near the big toe joint. Severe cases need surgery, but often the right shoe can fix it.

The damage doesn't stop there.

"It can actually cause knee pain, low back pain, postural differences, absolutely."

Because we know most ladies refuse to hand over the heels for a pair of flats-- Ruzich says there's an easy compromise.

"Look for something with low, less heel, less rise. It's still a high heel but if it has a little less rise in the heel, that is going to decrease the effects. The wider and less pointed is is, the better it will be."

And get this-- physicists have even come up with a formula for shoe height: 12 plus three times your shoe size, divided by eight.

If math isn't your thing-- limit heels to a few times a week and vary it with some comfortable, cushioned shoes.



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