Jan 4, 2011 2:02 PM by Greg Boyce

High-tech jogging machine takes the load off

A new kind of treadmill developed by NASA seals the lower body in a pressure chamber.  The machine can counter gravity, reducing the pounding a body takes while running.

The "Alter G" treadmill was designed for astronauts in space.  Originally it was used to add gravity.  The company realized the machine could do the opposite and rehabilitate the injured. "When you get on, you can set your body weight so you can start out at 100 percent of your body weight or a reduce all the way down to 20 percent of your body weight," says chiropractor Lezlie Maloy. "At 20 percent of your body weight, it's the closest you're going to get to completely anti-gravity and just as close as you can get to walking on the moon."

You wear a spandex suit that zips into the machine. It reads your weight and you choose how weightless you want to be, while you run or walk.




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